Waxing involves removing hair from different parts of the body, using wax. This form of hair removal is fast becoming a popular way to remove unwanted hair from the legs, hands, stomach, back and pubic area. Waxing is a semi permanent method of hair removal. It removes hair from the root. There are several types of waxing available for removing unwanted hair. Body waxing may not be everyone’s cup of tea, but that is up to the person to decide. The results from body waxing are what makes it a preferred choice for most individuals. You will have smooth, hair free skin for about 2-8 weeks. A body wax will include the following areas: chest and abdomen, hands and feet, eyebrows, facial hair, arms, legs, bikini area and back. A full body wax or a partial body wax is a harmless procedure. Several home kits for body waxing are available these days. However, if you wish to wax your genitals or nipples, it is best to visit a parlor or spa where this will be done by a professional waxing specialist. The process of waxing is as follows:

Heated wax is applied to the part of the body where the hair is to be removed. The wax may either be thin or thick. If it is the former, after application, it will be left to cool and then a plastic strip will be pressed down. This strip will then be ripped off quickly in the opposite direction in which the hair grows. If thick wax is applied, then it is left to cool and taken off by a therapist without using any strips. This method is beneficial for people with sensitive skin. Beeswax is usually used to remove pubic hair. Some professionals may use cold wax for body waxing too. Regular body waxing session may result in the hair growing back less frequently. Waxing may result in some discomfort and pain but this soon subsides. Other complications associated with body waxing include: ingrown hair, minor bleeding, infection (particularly in the genital area), abscesses of hair follicles, red bumps, hair regrowth in different directions. However the benefits are long lasting smooth skin and the need to do away with regular shaving and/or hair removing creams.